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Outsmart your competitors by using brand positioning as an operating system for your business. Our positioning frameworks unlock your hidden advantage and connect it with your story, signature moves, style, and service to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing investments.

1. Facts over feel

A brand positioning helps you compete in the market today. It articulates why a customer should choose you. The themes contained in the positioning need to reflect the unique and enduring capabilities of your organization. Capabilities that your customers are willing to pay a premium for. A company’s purpose operates on a longer time horizon, adopts the fuzzier (and undifferentiated) language of the future - ‘making the world a better place,’ and speaks to themes divorced from the drivers of demand.

2. Brand as O/S

In most categories, the product or service experience is the strongest driver of perceptions, not the ads. To accelerate adoption, make sure your brand positioning does more than just provide inspiration for advertising. Our positioning frameworks serve as an operating system for your business. We unlock your hidden advantage and connect it with your story, signature moves, style, and service. That way your advantage is ‘expressed’ across every customer encounter. 

3. A decision filter

Challengers can outsmart larger players by focusing energy on the few key areas that produce the greatest rewards. This requires discipline and saying no to lots of opportunities and only pursuing those that make the most of your advantages. Our positioning frameworks help employees understand your business strengths, align people around them and operationalize them so that they can serve as a filter for decision making.

4. Creative strategy

Sometimes it’s hard to see what sets your business apart. Other times, larger, well-known competitors ‘own’ many of the dominant themes and drivers of the category. Our secret sauce is knowing how to inject well-reasoned imagination into the strategic process to unlock your company’s hidden advantages, reframe potential weaknesses into strengths and even create entirely new categories out of thin air.

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- Brand positioning
- Brand narrative and slogan
- Purpose, mission, vision
- Portfolio and architecture
- Value proposition

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