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In saturated markets, experience and design are often the difference between a commodity and commanding a price premium. Distinct design coupled with signatures moves across the journey give customers powerful reasons to believe and employees powerful reasons to belong.

1. Being different is more efficient

Most ads are ignored. The handful that does get noticed is often attributed to the wrong brand. Want to know the easiest way to improve the efficacy of your marketing? A brand identity that stands out means more of your ads will get noticed. And when your visual identity is applied consistently, more people will know it’s you who's talking. The squint test helps. Put all of your advertising on a wall and include those of your competitors. Stand a few feet back and squint - does your brand cut through the visual clutter?

2. High-quality design strengthens margins

Good design engineers value back into a product, by lending it an image of quality. These attributes are valuable because it elevates perceptions of the product above a commodity. The best design also has the power to evoke emotion. This evolves the relationship between a brand and its customers from transactional, to something deeper. When that happens customers become less price-sensitive, allowing businesses to reduce their need for discounting and price promotions. 

3. Signature moves shape perceptions

As tangible manifestations of a brand’s position in the market, signature moves across the experience can shape perception in ways that advertising cannot. A great example is the Westin Hotel and the W Hotel. The former promises its guests the best sleep ever - their branded Heavenly bed delivers on it. The W hotel promises a place to see and be seen, and their open-plan lobbies provide it. Both brands use their positioning as a filter to prioritize investment across the experience. Can you see your brand’s promise in the experience you deliver?

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- Brand identity
- Campaign activation
- Experience strategy
- Signature moves

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